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About The Ameen Groups.

The Ameen Groups is the Indian leading business services company in labor export with large number of highly skilled guest workers and high reputation.

The Ameen Groups specializes in providing number of high skill technical workers in a short period of time, which are competitive to labors from other countries.

We provide good material facilities and guarantee staff with professionals to satisfy partner’s requests and demands immediately.

We have strong ties between our company and vocational schools, universities as well as large corporations of India in different industries in order to recruit highly skilled and knowledgeable workers.


Along with the spread of globalization, many countries require more & more international manpower, taking this demand as a potential business opportunity T.A.G. was envisioned, founded and administered for reliable growth expansion through a relentless effort by producing capable manpower services to business organizations all over the world.

We have a management system with a highly capable team of professionals and have gained consistently sustained stability, growth in the face of Human Resource decline of recent years. Our dedicated accomplishment in the manpower trade for nearly twelve years has gradually developed with genuine entrepreneurs overseas and still we see the atmosphere being fostered with greener pastures in Middle East and Far East.

T.A.G. is one of the foremost recruitment companies in India today. We have strived to change the conventional recruitment services in the face of changing global requirements by organizations all over the world. When we began, we seriously started each task by putting things in appropriate standpoints and by forging ourway into the mainstream of overseas recruitment.

Today, we take pride in a work team of very proficient officers and staff that will provide prompt responses and will be able to provide manpowerof all categories in accordance to the need to our clientele. As we accelerate to the future, our values will remain the same and we will continue to meet our responsibilities to our clientele.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

We are aimed at providing capable manpower to corporate organizations all over the world and to create and deliver services that allow our clients to succeed in the changing world of work.

T.A.G. understands that labor power is a great asset to any company & is driven by its mission and goals in delivering competent manpower to the world keeping in mind that great vision lays great ideas and great manpower.

Our Vision

The Business Goals of T.A.G. are not only to create profit, but also more importantly contribute to social and economic development and take pride in helping the Indian government in the solution of unemployment to help even if it is in a small measure in attaining economic stability through its overseas contract workers and who can be considered the backbone of the country.

accomplishing organizational targets and in facilitating national development.